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Founder & Ceo

As the visionary owner of The Collective Space.  Kyesha Buckham merges her healthcare expertise with entrepreneurial acumen to create a unique co-working hub for health and wellness professionals. Her journey from a NICU nurse to pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) shows her dedication to enhancing community wellness and supporting the autonomy of her members.

The Collective Space reflects Kyesha’s holistic approach to professional development and wellness, providing a nurturing environment where members can collaborate, share resources, and grow. With a diverse background in healthcare, beauty salon management, and corporate roles, she excels at creating a space that fosters innovation and personal development.


Beyond running The Collective Space, Buckham is committed to community engagement, offering workshops, wellness events, and classes that empower individuals. Her efforts aim to build a supportive, informed community, making The Collective Space a beacon of growth and collaboration for health and wellness professionals.

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Grasping the essence of public health reveals a pressing need for a nurturing ecosystem and a heartfelt call for more providers within our underserved communities Transforming Health Care from the Ground  Up

This is why The Collective Space exists. To bridge the divide between health, wellness, and accessibility. To create a network of professionals who not only represent our community but also passionately serve it.


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