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Sponsor A Creative

Providing opportunity To our Young Creatives

The goal of The Collective Space is to provide opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to become their best version. Curating a space that allows for growth & learning experiences.


Most creatives & new small business owners lack the resources & space that is needed to reach the next level. With your support, we can grant young creatives and new business owners the opportunity to be a part of a network that will allow them not only to grow within their niche but also impact our community. 


Sponsoring a creative allows each individual to gain access to a network of like-minded individuals, a space to work, educational opportunities &  access to equipment to create.

The overall initiative for this sponsorship opportunity is to highlight a creative, specifically a young adult who has been making a substantial impact amongst their community and within their craft with a paid membership or creative studio hours



  1. Hot Desk Monthly Membership


  • 1 Month: $150 


  • 3 Months $315


  • 6 Months: $780


  • Annual:  1440


  1. Creative Studio Hour

  • 50/hr 

  • Includes our podcast studio & photography studio 

  • Any amount of hours can be sponsored 




Sponsorship allows you to impact the development of our small business and creative community.


Each individual will know who sponsored their membership or studio hours. Your name will be placed on our wall of opportunities, & if you provide any services that will benefit our members we will be sure to provide that information on our community board.

Sponsor a Creative


Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Meet Our Sponsors

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