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Beyond Wellness Healthcare - Redefining Excellence In Healthcare

Beyond Wellness Healthcare

This week's spotlight shines on Beyond Wellness Healthcare, a beacon of innovation and community spirit in West Hartford, CT. Opening its doors in May 2023, this primary care practice is the brainchild of Dr. Shaina Barr and Dr. Ashley Mills, two dynamic black women dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare. Join us as we delve into the vision and passion that inspired these remarkable providers to embark on a journey of providing top-notch healthcare services to their communities.

Meet the Pioneers: Who Are Dr. Shaina Barr and Dr. Ashley Mills?

We are the owners of Beyond Wellness Healthcare. Initially, we started our careers as Registered Nurses and worked in a multitude of different practice settings for several years to gain a strong foundation of the healthcare system. We decided to further our education and went back to graduate school, obtaining a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in the Family Nurse Practitioner track from Quinnipiac University. Following graduation, we expanded upon our knowledge and skills in the primary care setting by working in various office settings. We have been overwhelmingly grateful that since May of 2023, we were blessed to open our very own private primary care practice in West Hartford, Connecticut

Dr. Shaina Barr and Dr. Ashley Mills

Can You Share the Journey Behind Beyond Wellness Healthcare? (Exploring the Roots, Inspirations, and Triumphs Over Challenges)
While we were in our doctorate program, we had an assignment to create a healthcare business and marketing plan. While developing this plan, we came up with a name, geographical area, our target demographics, and potential services. This motivated us on a daily basis to make our vision come to life. We gave ourselves a five-year goal, providing us time to gain more knowledge and clinical experience that would allow us to deliver quality patient care to our community. We believe several influences have inspired us along the way. Our personal dreams and aspirations have played a major role in our story. We have a strong desire to help others in our community, and having the ability to profoundly make a difference in the health and wellness of our patients is irreplaceable. In addition, having our family, friends, and mentors constantly encouraging us along the process has been extremely inspiring. As with the start of any new business, there have definitely been several unforeseen roadblocks along the way. However, we are grateful for all of them, as it has helped us gain more insight that will help us to prevent these barriers from reoccurring in the future. We typically face each obstacle head-on, while remaining optimistic during challenging times. We strongly believe facing different challenges will only make the final destination more rewarding while giving us more of a story to tell about our journey. 

Beyond Wellness Healthcare

What Fuels The Passion and Vision for Beyond Wellness Healthcare? (Understanding Your Core Motivations and Long-Term Aspirations)
Working in the healthcare system for the past 12 years has opened our eyes to several areas that require improvement. We aim to advocate for those experiencing health disparities in our community. There is a significant gap in healthcare access due to race and ethnicity, social status, location, and income, which has a detrimental effect on the health of individuals in our communities. Our vision is to provide all individuals with compassionate, holistic, affordable, and accessible comprehensive healthcare services. We strive to promote patient involvement in their healthcare decisions, which can improve their overall compliance and wellness. In addition, we plan to teach our patients about primary prevention of diseases, as well as proper maintenance of chronic illnesses. Our daily motivation is to have the ability to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of each patient we encounter. The opportunity to visit with each patient during their follow-up visit and witness the significant changes they make towards their health brings an indescribable sense of joy. 
Beyond Wellness Healthcare

At The Collective Space, we're dedicated to showcasing the remarkable efforts of business owners, creators, and innovators who are making a significant impact in their communities. By addressing pressing issues and serving purposes that promise lasting benefits, they truly stand out. A shining example of this commitment is Beyond Wellness Healthcare, which is now welcoming new patients and offers a comprehensive range of services. We encourage you to visit their website and consider booking your next physical with them to experience their exceptional care firsthand.

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