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Welcome to The Collective Space Members' Exclusive Group!

This group is a private and exclusive online community created specifically for the members of The Collective Space. It's a dedicated platform where you, our valued members, can receive the latest updates, access exclusive content, discover funding opportunities, and engage with a network of like-minded professionals. Here’s what you can expect:

1. Regular Updates on The Collective Space: Stay informed with the latest developments, new amenities, and improvements in our workspace. Be the first to know about any changes or enhancements that we're bringing to our co-working environment.

2. Exclusive Content and Resources: This group is your gateway to a wealth of resources tailored for your growth and success. From insightful articles and expert-led webinars to inspirational talks and more, these resources cover a range of topics crucial to both your personal and professional development.

3. Funding and Investment Opportunities: Learn about new funding sources, investment tips, and financial strategies to help grow your business. We also feature guest financial experts for advice and guidance.

4. Networking and Collaborations: Discover and engage in networking opportunities and potential collaborations within our diverse community. This group facilitates connections and partnerships among members, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment.

5. Member Spotlights and Success Stories: Celebrate the achievements of our members. Get inspired by the success stories and learn from the experiences of fellow entrepreneurs and creatives.

6. Feedback and Community Building: Your ideas and suggestions matter. This group serves as a platform for you to voice your opinions and contribute to the evolution of The Collective Space.

7. Special Offers and Promotions: Enjoy exclusive access to special offers, member-only discounts, and promotions from our partners, curated just for you.

8. Events and Workshop Announcements: Get the latest on upcoming events, workshops, and activities happening at The Collective Space. From skill-building sessions to wellness events, be the first to know and register.

Group Rules

Respect and Civility

Treat all members with respect and courtesy. No offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory remarks.

Relevance to Our Mission

Posts should align with the themes of entrepreneurship, creativity, and business growth. Keep content relevant to the interests and goals of our community.

No Spam or Self-Promotion

Avoid excessive self-promotion, spamming, or any form of commercial advertising that isn't in line with the spirit of community support.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Respect everyone's privacy. Do not share confidential information or personal details without consent.

Constructive Feedback

When giving feedback, keep it constructive and helpful. Avoid negativity that does not contribute to growth or learning.

Collaboration Over Competition

Embrace the spirit of collaboration. Encourage and support each other rather than engaging in competitive behavior.

Inclusivity and Diversity

We value diversity and inclusivity. Embrace and respect people from all backgrounds and experiences.

No Illegal Activity

Do not engage in or promote illegal activities. Content that violates laws or regulations is strictly prohibited.

Report Problems

If you encounter any problematic behavior or content, please report it to the moderators for prompt action.

Stay Engaged

Active participation is encouraged. Share your experiences, ask questions, and engage with others’ posts.

Positive Environment

Maintain a positive and supportive environment. We are here to uplift each other.

Rule Changes and Updates

Be aware that these rules may be updated or changed to reflect the evolving needs of our community.


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  • December 26, 2023


  • The Collective Space
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